• Carbon Filter Technology
    Carbon Filter Technology

    The technology of the carbon filters, which are used in chimneyless hoods, traps the odour of the meals and offers you a kitchen free from malodour. These high - efficiency carbon filters, which are compatible with all hood models with different pore sizes and active carbon concentrations, eliminate odours.

  • 24 Hour Ventilation Mode
    24 Hour Ventilation Mode

    By the usage of the high - technology software in Anot Hoods, which is designed by the Research and Development team, the hoods can clean the malodour in your kitchens even when you are away from home, with a 10-minute ventilation mode which is activated hourly, during all day.

  • Timer Technology
    Timer Technology

    The Anot Hoods can be shut off with only one touch, which is possible by the timer software developed by the R & D team.

  • Top Segment Silence Technology
    Top Segment Silence Technology

    With shaded - pole & capacitive motors and the snail technology, Anot Hoods offer silence in your kitchens.