• Design

    Anot Hoods, designed with innovative technology and in multiple color options, would guarantee clean air in your kitchens via their filter technology. The ergonomic design of the hoods makes all spare parts easily interchangeable. It also adds elegance to your kitchens with their designs which are the combination of the usage of many materials together. In other words, with their ergonomics and stylish design, Anot Hoods offer a unique experience to the user.

  • Sheet Metal Processing
    Sheet Metal Processing

    The sheet metals of Anot Hoods are formed during the second stage of the the production. Laser cut sheets are bent with CNC brake machines and assembled with KUKA welding robots. Using high technology during every phase of production, Anot aims presenting all its products with zero error.

  • Painting

    Electrostatic powder painting is a solvent-free surface coating method. During the painting phase of the Anot Hoods, electrostatically charged powder paint particles adhere to the hoods in the best way possible, while passing through the gun. This way, the painting process is being finalized. The main and most important advantage of electrostatic paint is that it is highly resistant to humidity, oil and dust that are likely to be faced in the kitchens.

  • Assembly

    After the metal sheets are processed, many different materials are brought together and combined. In other words, during the production of Anot Hoods, sheet metal and glass are being assemblied. The Anot Hoods, which are in the aim of offering elegance and ergonomics at the same time, set the goal of proving this approach in their assembly quality too.